The team program is an invite only competitive program. These teams will practice anywhere between 3 – 25 hours a week dependent on age and ability.  This is a full year commitment. Gymnasts move through our levels of Foundations 1, Foundations 2 and Foundations 3 and then into our competitive teams at their own pace. Gymnasts are evaluated through the year by our Competitive Team Lead and coaches to ensure the best fit for them. Each team has varying aims according to gymnast’s goals and abilities.

Competitive Team Alpha Formerly JO 4+
Competitive Team Bravo Formerly Aspire 3
Competition Team Delta Formerly JO 2-4
Competitive Team Echo Formerly Aspire 2/ JO2/3
Foundation 3
Formerly Aspire 1 & JO 2/3 Foundation 2
Formerly STARS & JO adv. Foundation 1